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It is the last africast of May and, as South Africa gets colder, you may see local content creators doing things differently on YouTube.

Before our main topic of the week let’s talk news, starting with the University of South Africa (Unisa) extending the deadline for its first assignments. This has happened so often and we’ve discussed it so many times that it has become the norm for this university.

Next up is Amazon acquiring MGM and all its valuable IP. This should mean more MGM content made by Amazon in the future, but it does put some franchises in a weird place, especially 007 which is still controlled mostly by the Broccoli family which intends to keep James Bond in theatres and away from streaming.

Finally there’s Uber which has finally recognised a UK trade union which could, hopefully, start a trend of drivers banding together to fight for better conditions, pay and benefits.

Onto the main topic and those outside of America will find themselves faced with new terms of service (TOS) on YouTube. This affects passive users but the biggest change is likely for content creators who will now need to align themselves with US tax law and potentially pay the American IRS directly.

This opens up a massive legal can of worms in terms of double taxation, taxation without representation, and more. If you see local YouTubers moving to other platforms in the near future, this may be a contributing factor.

These new TOS come into affect on 1st June 2021 in South Africa.

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