htxt.africast – The upcoming South African election and misinformation

With South Africans set to be at the polls again soon, we have an expert on board for this week’s africast to talk about misinformation around the local government elections.

Before that, however, let’s look at some other things happening this week starting with a study by HP looking at failing security during the pandemic and how the shift to working from home may have attributed to it.

Next up is He-Man which recently re-entered the public imagination thanks to a new Netflix animation. We have some classic toys on hand, made by Mattel, to try and find the appeal from three different generations.

Finally for the short stories this week Sony recently held the PlayStation Showcase which gave us a look at some highly anticipated games, with God of War Ragnarok, Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine being the big hitters. These represent the cream of the crop when it comes to console exclusives so it would have been a dud of a show without them.

On to our main story we have in this week we have Chris Roper, co-chief executive officer at Code for Africa, filling us in about a collaborative project aimed at fighting against misinformation around our elections.

Code for Africa is one of the many organisations and people included in the imitative named “Local Government Election Anti-Disinformation Project” that will look to make our voting a fairer affair compared to the much embattled 2020 US elections.

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