htxt.africast – Zuckerberg’s big week

It has been a bad week for Facebook with a massive outage and a whistleblower coming forward, but it makes for a great discussion in this latest edition of the africast.

First let’s talk about Nintendo as we got hands on with the new OLED model of the Switch. We were a bit dismissive of this console refresh when it was announced but, having now used it, we’re thoroughly impressed. The OLED model feels like a completely new piece of kit and not simply a regular Switch with a replaced screen. Both the console and the new dock feel much more premium and better made compared to the Switch we’re familiar with.

In other news let’s talk about Google announcing a massive investment in Africa. With details of the $1 billion investment not entirely clear right now, it’s still promising to hear.

Finally NASA has shot a spacecraft at an asteroid and we can’t help but think of the movie Armageddon from 1998. If you’ve not seen the Ben Affleck commentary about the movie your life is not complete and you should head here immediately.

Our main topic this week tackles Facebook’s big outage and a whistleblower pointing out how the company will always focus on profits at the expense of its users and the world in general. Mark Zuckerberg’s responses to these events have been less than stellar and smell more like PR BS and less like a genuine human reply.

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