htxt.africast – We dislike Black Friday but we bought anyway

And so it’s that time of the year again. The American “holiday” of accruing debt and slightly discounted electronics is back again and even here at the africast, we’ve bought some shiny baubles.

Before that let’s talk about Encanto, the latest Disney animation. We saw it earlier this week and it got a big thumbs up from the younger members in the audience. While we did enjoy it too it was to a lesser extent. It’s the perfect movie to take the kids to this holiday season… if not for the recent resurgence of the pandemic.

Next up is Huawei and Honor, which have both introduced new smartphones to South Africa for Black Friday. While what the two are offering has some benefits you may still want to shop around, given just how many great phones are on the market at the moment.

Finally for the smaller topics this week it’s NASA trying to redirect asteroids in a test that could prove vital down the line should a world-ending event occur. We’ll see the fruits of this endeavour next year, but it does remind us of a certain movie.

Now on to Black Friday. We once again bemoan the fact that South Africa doesn’t enjoy the same crazy discounts that the Americans do, but we found ourselves still spending money on sales.

In our defence it was on items we were planning on buying already, so maybe we discovered the best way to enjoy the day without overspending.

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