htxt.africast – The beginning of the Cybercrimes Act

We are finally into December and one of the last editions of the africast for 2021. This week we’re discussing something that could change the landscape of the internet in the country in the form of the Cybercrimes Act.

Before that we need to talk about Nvidia which is set to release the RTX 2060. No you didn’t read that wrong, the graphics giant is making the RTX 2060 again, this time with 12GB of memory. As we continue into another year of GPU shortages this is a baffling moves but makes sense in the context of Nvidia wanting to make itself more money with minimal effort.

Continuing the theme of stock shortages is Pokémon. The series has experienced real world shortages like every other premium brand, but now this has spread to the fictional world of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl where an NPC will express their displeasure with an item being out of stock.

Finally for our shorter sections this week it’s South African publishers versus both Meta (Facebook) and Google over compensation. With a similar effort going down in flames in Australia we have little hope for the prospects locally.

As for our main topic this week, certain elements of the Cybercrimes Act are now operational which gives law enforcement some teeth against certain offences made online. While this is, on paper, a good thing, we have a lot of questions about how this will be implemented, especially in our country where regular crime is so prevalent.

Computer literacy is already a low point for South Africa so enacting laws for the online world may prove difficult to enforce, and that’s just the start of the problems.

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