No explanation given for Red Hood’s magic in latest spotlight

In the leadup to the release of Gotham Knights on 25th October we’ve been getting a number of spotlight trailers on the four titular characters and now it’s the turn of Red Hood, though we’re again left wanting when it comes to his new magical powers.

To explain that we need to reverse a bit back to May when Gotham Knights broke months of radio silence to give us the first real look at the game and Red Hood was seen doing some weird stuff like double jumping and shooting energy out of his gun instead of, well bullets.

The explanation we were provided for this is unnatural powers granted to him when he died and was brought back to life by the powers of the Lazarus Pit.

Love or hate this change it serves two key purposes: it makes Red Hood more distinct from the other three playable characters and it provides a way for a character closely associated with guns to still use those weapons while still abiding by the “no kill” rule that Batman is so known for.

From what we’ve seen from pre-release promo for this game, this version of Red Hood is somewhat reformed and not the killer maniac that he’s usually portrayed as. This magic redo of his personality helps to accomplish this decision from developer Warner Bros. Games Montréal and publisher Warner Bros. Games.

So what do we actually see in this trailer if not for more on the magic? Well it’s pretty much the same as the ones released for Nightwing and Batgirl so far with some very surface level gameplay complete with a montage of alternate skins.

These alternate skins have received a lot of time in the spotlight in these pre-release videos which has us worried about some potential real money way to obtain them in the game.


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