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htxt.africast – Silicon Valley, Google’s 2019 searches and ewaste

Through loss of electricity on torrential downpours, it’s another episode of the africast.

Starting off with our news segment this week we talk about the ongoing and latest wave of loadshedding in South Africa, Pokémon featuring in Jeopardy and the fourth Matrix movie receiving a release date for 2021.

For out longer pieces we start off with Silicon Valley which recently aired its last season. A favourite for many over the last few years, any beloved show with a final season has the spectre of the Game of Thrones train wreck looking in the back of most people’s minds. We’ve seen the last season to see how close it lands.

Next up is a roundup of the top searches made by South Africans on Google in the last year. Not only has Google revealed what is popular in the country, but it has also broken them up into categories such as sport and trending questions of the decade.

Finally it’s time to talk about ewaste. While many may simply chuck their old and / or broken tech into the general refuse bins, that isn’t the right thing to do as electronics require a special process to be disposed of. But what is that process? Stuck with that question after a monitor died on us, we share that experiance.

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