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htxt.africast – BAFTA Game Awards, Cancelled Events & Digital Transformation

It’s the first March edition of the africast and the usual suspects are behind the mics again for this week’s episode.

For news we start with yet another Halo game making it to PC, local Azure migration thanks to a Microsoft and SAP partnership, and a piece of tech from Ericsson which may help South Africa get up and running with 5G sooner.

Moving on to features now and the BAFTA Game Awards nominees have been revealed. With a whopping 18 categories we don’t get into all of them in our discussion (a link to that is provided below) but we do touch on some key categories and who we think should win in each.

Next up is the coronavirus (COVID-19), more specifically the impact it’s had on the tech-related events the world over. Tech companies love few things more than hosting grandiose events to announce their new stuff, a process that has been impacted by COVID-19 as gathering many people into a venue for an announcement is not a good idea when a deadly virus is spreading.

Finally we get to our interview this week, this time with Nancy Meyer, business development director at Kyocera Document Solutions South Africa. Here we discuss the interesting world of governmental digital transformation, something we hope to see more of in the future. With things like licence renewal bookings being able to be made online, maybe the SA government will move more of its services in a more online direction.

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