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The africast returns yet again from a very hot and loadshedded South Africa with a bit of a special episode this week as we have some guests on for an interview.

Before that, however, let’s look at the news from the past week.

First up is NFTs and the weird new world of selling digital art as a work by artist Beelple sells for around R1 billion. You read that right: a billion Rand for what boils down to a jpeg. Next up is Volvo which is the latest carmaker to announce plans to ditch petrol altogether in the future and become fully electric. Finally there’s the White Dwarf magazine which is offering a rather impressive 12 free PC games with its latest issue.

On to our interview and we have Norman Colling, director at Registered Communication and Jacques Lubbe, director Groenwald Lubbe Inc on to discuss registered communication.

Our interview covers the benefits for businesses, government and us the consumers when it comes to a better way for important communications to happen, especially when it comes to the worrisome subjects of fines and debt. In South Africa, with our dodgy postal service, this is looking like a promising endeavour.

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