htxt.africast – Returnal and the rising cost of games

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With April 2021 finally put out to pasture today the africast returns for another edition.

Starting with news this week and we have Facebook bowing to demands from India to censor criticism of the government as COVID-19 runs rampant through the country. With up to 300 000 new cases reported in India the people of the country have rightfully been taking to social media to decry the government’s poor efforts at containment, but now have to fight Facebook over that luxury.

Next up we have Uber Go which is offering driver the ability to own a car through paying weekly while still earning an income through the service. While that sounds good on paper the numbers seem unfavourable to us at first glance.

Lastly for news its GOG the online PC store started by CD Projekt. The platform had a cracking year in 2020 which may or may not have been mostly driven by Cyberpunk 2077. Regardless of the reason for the success South Africa did not pop up at all when it came down to looking at market split.

Our main topic this week is spurred on by the game Returnal, a PS5 exclusive that released today for the whopping sum of R1 369. To paints a worrying future of console releases being price around R1 400. How did we get here and where to go next is what we discuss as well as dispelling some rumours about the cost of games. We’re not the kind to talk about a problem without a potential solution so we also discuss some alternatives to continue as a gamer in South Africa without breaking the bank.

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