htxt.africast – Choosing a mid-range phone

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As May gets closer to its end the africast is back to talk phones that offer the best bang for your buck.

Before that let’s talk about Disney Africa which recently held a showcase of its television offerings. While there were some standouts – such as the kid empowerment show My Magic Is Me – there was no word on a Disney+ launch in South Africa. The streaming service has been missing in the country since its launch and South Africans will need to continue waiting with not even a timeframe provided for its release.

Next up is Twitter which is again struggling with how its platform handles cropping of images revealing bias in the algorithm. These problems of bias in code keep coming up and we have to wonder when these big tech companies will get smart and ditch them.

Finally for news we have Clubhouse, the aptly-named social media platform that got big because of its exclusivity. With more people getting in daily and now worldwide availability on iOS and Android, we have to wonder if people will remain interested when Clubhouse is less of a clubhouse.

Now for the main topic: mid-range phones. This segment of the market is usually overshadowed by the premium range which offers no compromises if you’re willing to spend money on par with a decent used car.

We’ve long been advocates of spending less on your mobile device so this week we explore the segment, suggest some buying options, and point out some problems buyers may encounter. We also offer manufacturers some pointers when it comes to assigning budget in making phones for these prices.

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