htxt.africast – Twitter wants to do everything

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It’s the first africast of May and we’re back again to discuss the weird world of Twitter which, every day it seems, wants to move away from the simple premise of short posts shared on the internet.

Before that let’s talk about the news starting with Marvel revealing its movie slate until the middle of 2023. It used to be common for the MCU to be revealed so far in advance but the pandemic and the lack of open theatres changed this. With the vaccine slowly being rolled out across the world we may see this change and looking forward to a constant stream of Marvel movies every few months has us excited.

Next up is the recently-released Resident Evil Village which we’ve reviewed and come out the other side with a smile on our face, not just because of tall women. The latest entry in the franchise looks and plays great and only has a few niggles holding it back.

Lastly for news is less positive as there’s a giant rocket in space that may come down on us at any moment. Put that existential dread aside as you enjoy new Marvel movies and Resident Evil games.

Now the main topic in the form of Twitter. The social media platform just launched Tip Jar, a way for users to more easily and directly support each other with monetary donations. This continues the trend of Twitter introducing features as it tries to become the one site content creators use, instead of simply an amplification tool for other sites. This opens up a lot more questions which we tackle this week.

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