htxt.africast – Our favourites from Gamescom

Gamescom 2021 is officially underway and we’re back to discuss it and more for the final africast in August 2021.

Before Gamescom though, we discuss Aliens: Fireteam Elite which we’re still playing through. Our full review will come soon, but so far it’s proven to be a frustrating experience. We’re hopping that, as time goes on, this horde shooter based on the venerable franchise will get better.

Also for first impressions we have the Huawei Nova 8 on hand. For its prices it has impressed in every avenue save for software, with proper Android / Google support still missing. Oh, and there’s too many adverts.

Our last quick topic this week is OnlyFans which has decided not to take a hard stance against adult content on its service. The company maintains that its hand was forced by payment partners, but we’re not entirely sure.

There’s been a lot of Gamescom announcements this week with release dates announced, deeper information provided and, as always, new reveals.

Each of the africast team has picked their favourites to talk about what makes them special from the other announcements. Some of these titles are out in just a few short months while others will be a longer time before release, so there will be more to discuss before we actually play any of these.

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