htxt.africast – 2021 still has a lot to give

2021 is coming ever closer to an end, with today being 1st October and signalling the last quarter of the the year. In this week’s africast we look forward to a view movies, shows and pieces of software which are still on the way before 2022.

But ahead of that, as always, we need to talk about some news starting with the Nespresso Vertuo coffee system which just launched in South Africa. This new lineup seeks to avoid the second party pod makers that ate into Nespresso’s older coffee systems.

After that it’s Deathloop which we just reviewed which has a unique vehicle style that reminds us of Hot Wheels. We spoke to one of the developers to confirm our suspicions.

Then, in a more serious topic, we discuss the 1 200 or more files that were breached from the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DoJCD) in a ransomware attack. With POPIA now in effect this could prove a landmark event for how data breaches are treated in this country.

Returning to our main topic this week there seems to be a glut of content coming out before 2021 finally dies. We talk some of our most anticipated movies, shows, anime, games and even software that still has a release date before 2022.

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