htxt.africast – Trump and TRUTH Social

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The africast is back this week with a recurring name that, much like an STD, stubbornly refuses to go away. Yes Donald Trump is back in the news again this time with a new social media platform that he can’t be kicked off of after he was banished from Facebook and Twitter.

Before that, however, let’s talk about some smaller news items this week starting with Samsung and its bizarre, and expensive, airing cupboard which is in the “really nice used car” territory of pricing.

Next up it’s back to more sane content with Apple’s new silicon and devices that has us excited but maybe for the wrong reasons with the return of more ports and MagSafe on MacBooks.

Finally for the small stuff there’s God of War 2018 which will be available on PC in just a few months. PC is quickly becoming a mecca of gaming where previous exclusives from both Xbox and PlayStation are now calling home. Come on Nintendo, you’re the last holdout.

For our main can of worms this week we have Truth Social which is a planned new social media platform from Trump and co.

The platform isn’t out yet but everything revealed so far seems really sketchy. We also discovered that the early screenshots of the app (which you can see in the header image above) not only look a lot like Twitter, but also mock the platform which Trump once used so often.

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