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As we get further into the second half of 2022 and the latest and longest bout of loadshedding, another edition of the africast is here to look at the most recent and possibly biggest scandal to hit Uber.

Before the main topic this week we start with God of War Ragnarok which has not one but two expensive Collector’s Editions which just launched in South Africa for pre-order and promptly sold out. These kinds of expensive products don’t usually sell that fast locally – in less than an hour by our count – once again showing how beloved the 2016 God of War is.

Next up is some rather big news still here in South Africa as MTN may buy Telkom. Two of the largest telecom companies in the country becoming one could have a massive impact on the local landscape, but we’ll have to wait and see if the deal even goes through.

Lastly for news and it’s time to talk about Eskom again, but this time not for loadshedding as the power utility begins hosting its science fairs in person again as a great way to get learners interested in STEM.

Our main topic this week is what is called the “Uber Files” a collection of documents painting a horrible picture of the operations of the company that, from the mouths of its own executives, deliberately operates in defiance of the law to achieve dubious goals.

This has been made worse with hundreds of sexual assault cases and a pending lawsuit being brought against the company in the United States.

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