Just 1 week remains for Grade 1 & 8 online admissions

We are rapidly nearing the closure of the online admissions portal for students attending grade one or grade eight in 2023 with just one week to go before it shutters for the year on 19th August.

The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) has been running a countdown to this closure – with graphics like the one you can see above – which now sits at just seven days.

It is more important than ever for applications to go through as soon as possible starting on the GDE website here and following the instructions to complete the process and secure a place in school for next year.

While the process is meant to be simple and fast it should be addressed ASAP due to the fact that applications require certified documents which may add extra time to the process and result in applicants missing the deadline.

Finally, while the focus of this process is the online aspect which makes it more convenient for parents and other caregivers, there is the option to visit a branch of the GDE to receive help with the process.

The department has, in the tweet below, pointed out these branches throughout the province.

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