htxt.africast – At long last, the Snyder Cut

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It’s the last africast of the month and this week we have something special: the mythical Snyder Cut that is finally available to watch and is now Christened “Zack Snyder’s Justice League.”

Before that, however, we have some news to discuss. First is South Africa’s vaccine rollout which, at this point, isn’t much of a rollout at all. The unfortunate news for most people in the country is that they will likely not see a vaccine for the remainder of 2021 unless something drastic happens.

Second in the pipeline is a very odd deleted tweet that seemed to indicate that LEGO was getting involved in NFTs. We managed to capture the tweet and accompanying video, but we still have many unanswered questions about why it appeared in the first place.

The last news piece this week is a piece of review kit in the form of the Sony Bravia X90H, a fantastic display that may convince some diehards to finally get a TV licence.

Then the main topic of this week, the Snyder Cut. The 2017 train wreck of the Justice League movie has been reborn and remade by its original director and it is very much a new beast. Our discussion will also be interesting because two of our three commentators have seen the original 2017 version, while one of us has not. Hear as we blow his mind with the absurdity that was the terribleness of the original, as well as discussion about the good and bad points of Snyder’s new vision.

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