htxt.africast – The possibility of Amazon coming to South Africa

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After a week’s absence the africast is back again with a rather enticing topic of Amazon finally coming to South Africa and bringing with it all the online shopping comforts – and socioeconomic problems – that other countries have enjoyed for so long.

Before that let’s talk news as Apple has announced a slew of new products based on its M1 silicon. No pricing or availability has been announced yet but expect it to be expensive, especially considering the US pricing.

Next up is Spider-Man: No Way Home which may have had its entire story spoiled by a random Reddit user who claims to work on the films. The user has been right about MCU content in the past so there’s a lot of weight behind these claims. Don’t worry though, the africast itself does not contain any of those spoilers.

Finally foe news we have Signal pointing out a ridiculous flaw in the Cellebrite software which is used by law enforcement. Something something who watches the watchers.

As for the main topic this week an official announcement from the city of Cape Town seems to reveal that Amazon is coming to the country with a massive 70 000 square metres of floor space reserved for it in a new development. There’s been no official announcement yet but this may mean that South Africans will be able to shop on Amazon in the future, but is that a good thing? We talk about all the problems and some of the potential boons this would bring with it.

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