htxt.africast – China’s crackdown on kids playing videogames

The africast is back for the first week of September with the main focus this time being new laws from China regarding kids playing games which could see them limited to just three hours per week.

Before that, however, let’s talk news starting with WhatsApp getting a massive fine for data privacy in Europe. WhatsApp owner Facebook has already spoken up in opposition of the fine and plans to fight it, but even if the full amount is paid will it really make a difference to the platform and the billions of Dollars it hoovers up?

Next up is Marvel’s Midnight Suns which we can finally see some gameplay of. It’s a bit different compared to recent titles from developers Firaxis, but we’re excited about what we’ve seen so far.

Lastly for news roundup this week it’s Microsoft and its ongoing opt-in testing of Windows 11. The compatibility of the OS with older hardware is again called into question as those with computers that aren’t the newest seem to be getting the boot. Will this continue as Windows 11 gets closer to a public release?

Our main story this week is from China and its very harsh new policies when it comes to how kids can play games and, most importantly, for how long. With China being such a different culture when compared to our own, and the country’s strange history with videogames, it’s a difficult topic with a lot of nuance.

Hear our thoughts as we provide some insight into it combined with our own experiences.

For those wondering about the header image at the top of this story it’s from a famous Simpsons bit.

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