htxt.africast – Games we’re excited for (but not too excited)

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Between the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, as well as the Summer Game Fest there’s been a lot happening in the world of games so this episode of the africast looks at some big titles we’re excited for… but apprehensive about too.

Before that let’s talk about some news starting with the Le Wagon coding bootcamp in Cape Town. These bootcamps have been successful so far and those in the area should consider it, especially graduates looking to increase their skillset and improve their CV.

Then it’s the topic of scambaiting, a vigilante process that has taken off on places like YouTube. We dug deeper into this world and got advice on it from experts about some of the dangers of the whole process.

Finally for news South Africans can now not only buy tickets for Thor: Love and Thunder, but they can also see the movie early on 7th July as the international release date is 8th July. Tickets went on sale earlier this week, but are still available at the time of writing.

On to our main topic and we’ve picked three games announced recently and shown off in the aforementioned events. They are the Hot Wheels expansion for Forza Horizon 5, The Last of Us Part I for PS5 and Bethesda’s Starfield.

All three have had varying responses from the community, but we’re meeting them with a lot of scepticism after past games have disappointed, especially with the rising costs of them and the general poor state of the economy right now.

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