hxt.africast – The big releases of July 2022

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As we pass into the second half of 2022 there’s still a lot to look forward to and in this africast we discuss the various launches we’re excited for in July.

Before that it’s news time starting with the fantastic but mostly forgotten game Into the Breach, made by the same people who created FTL. Originally released in 2018, the game is receiving a massive update that will make it a whole new experience on top of a port for Netflix and a physical edition for Nintendo Switch.

Next it’s Amazon which has shown off more of its robotic tech. This reveal is particularly telling given the timing as an internal memo shows insanely high turnover of staff given poor working conditions, low pay, union busting and other problems. Can robots solve all of this by kicking out human employees who are treated so badly?

Finally for news Bungie reveals who is behind all the fake DMC strikes that were carried out under its name. The entire story sounds like a movie plot over petty revenge, a broken copyright system and multi-billion Dollar companies fighting it out with a real human stuck in the middle.

On to the July releases as we have a slew of hardware, software, TV, movies and more to discuss. Some of them will be available worldwide in July or before then while South Africans have had to wait a bit longer.

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