htxt.africast – Business stepping in for government

The africast returns this week for a rather dour topic in the many failings of the South African government and the various ways in which the private sector has tried to pick up the slack.

For general news we start with Fortnite, which, after many years of fans asking has finally crossed over with Dragon Ball in one of the biggest events for the pair. Not only can players, well, play parts of Dragon Ball, they can also watch select episodes of Super on a cruise ship of all things, all within Fortnite.

Next up is Huawei which has revealed a slate of new devices coming to the country, with the crown jewel being another folding phone with a massive price tag. With this price, lack of features like 5G and no Google services, it will be a hard sell locally.

Finally for news we see space filled with another satellite as Eutelsat offers up services to various companies. We also discuss which South African telecoms company would be the most likely to make use of a service like this.

On to our main topic this week and a partnership between Supa Quick and Disky looks to make license disc renewals in the country easier. With services like this continually failing South Africans, these private services of public commodities has become some of the only reliable ways to get by in this country. Could partnerships like this continue, especially as the government seeks to claw back services like deliveries?

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