htxt.africast – Apple strikes again

As it happens every year, Apple has revealed its new slate of products and in this latest edition of the africast we discuss the very weird decisions – and very high prices – of these new phones.

Before that let’s talk news and, thanks to Amazon, we will be getting a new Blade Runner series set 50 years after the last movie. With that last movie being a critical darling, but a bit of a box office bomb, it will be interesting to see how this new show stands up.

Uber is in the news, again, for an apparent cybersecurity incident. It’s still early days with this development so, as always, we recommend that everyone change their passwords just to be safe. It feels like these breaches are becoming more common which has us worried for the future of not changing passwords every few minutes.

Finally for news we have robotics company Robosen offering a new living collectible to its range in the form of Buzz Lightyear. With the company’s previous project Optimus Prime proving such a hit, Buzz has a lot to live up to.

And back to our main topic this week and Apple’s new phones are up for pre-order in South Africa and most other countries.

The expected high prices combined with odd features like the much-maligned Dynamic Island has us, and many others, perplexed. It seems it has been many years since the company has done anything truly ground-breaking and we’re left wondering how successful these new products will be.

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