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This week’s africast is back for an in-person recording, made a little more special by the fact that it was done at Comic Con Africa 2022.

We discuss the return of the event in this episode, unpacking several of the experiences that were made available and what could be done to improve future iterations of the event.

The recording also had an authentic South African flavour to it, thanks to Eskom intervening midway though and loadshedding hitting the venue – the Johannesburg Expo Centre.

Thankfully organisers have generators on-hand, so those who attend the event over this Heritage Day weekend, will not need to worry about a lack of electricity ruining the experience. That said, you may want to check loadshedding schedules to account for traffic.

As we touch on during the episode, there is indeed plenty to enjoy at Comic Con Africa 2022, but you will need to spend some outside of your ticket in order to get the best experience. That said, if you are savvy and patient enough, plenty of good deals on merchandise, figures, books, artwork, games and more are to be had.

Our general consensus is that Comic Con Africa is indeed back thanks to its 2022 iteration. The next thing for organisers to consider is how to make it feel more South African and highlight entertainment projects and creators on our continent more.

Once that happens, the event could bring in more attendees than the usual suspects we have seen at past ones.

You can hear out thoughts on the event below, and a special thanks to the good people at Nikon South Africa and YoloLiv South Africa for allowing us to use their booth to record. We do also wish to apologise for the audio glitch in the first two minutes of the podcast. It does improve there after but we thought we’d mention it in case.

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