htxt.africast – Yet another Facebook debacle

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It may be a new edition of the africast but our main topic this week is a very familiar one: Facebook royally messing up.

Before that let’s tackle some news and first up is the Arkane game Deathloop which has been delayed a second time making it almost a year late for its initial launch, that is assuming no more delays happen.

Next up is HMD Global who revealed a slew of new devices under the claimed Nokia brand, but continues the dumb practice of not including chargers with some of them.

Finally for news we return to Microsoft who is trying boiling liquid to keep servers cool.

Back to Facebook and 533 million users had their data compromised due to a malicious party scraping the site. Facebook has, at this point, washed its hands of the situation imparting much of the blame on users. The entire situation reminds us of the the fable of the scorpion and the frog, with Facebook simply shrugging its shoulders as we all sink deeper into the drink.

On that note: rewatch the 2011 movie Drive, it’s impeccable.

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[Image – Prateek Katyal on Unsplash]



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