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The africast is back to usher in the final quarter of the year as we see September off and welcome in October, the spookiest month of every year. Our main topic this week is all about the great content releasing in that month, but let’s start with the news.

First up is the YouTube app which recently suffered a rather irritating problem when auto-rotate mysteriously stopped working. Initially thinking this to be an isolated incident to our specific hardware, we soon saw complaints of it online and a final acknowledgement of the problem from YouTube. Thankfully things are fixed now.

Next up is Instagram giving Pornhub the boot from its platform. While Instagram claims that Pornhub was a frequent breaker of site rules, the infamous pornography site claims otherwise. As we see Instagram awash with other adult content that goes unbanned, we have to wonder who is really in the right here.

Finally for news we have NASA slamming a 570kg box in an asteroid. This was done not for the fun of it – even though it does sound really fun – but to test out what humanity can do should an asteroid threaten to hit Earth.

Our main topic this week are the noteworthy games, movies, TV series and more all releasing in October. We discuss some titles that have been coming for ages, like the anime Chainsaw Man, the game Scorn and DC’s movie Black Adam, as well as more recent developments like Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities.

Those who want horror for Halloween will not be disappointed as we discuss these too, including Halloween Ends. A screenshot from the movie’s trailer is featured in our header image above as well.

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