htxt.africast – What we’re looking forward to in the near future

With the last africast in May we’re headed firmly into the second half of 2022 and discussing some of the upcoming games, shows and movies that we have to look forward to in the next few months.

Before that let’s talk news starting with Top Gun: Maverick which hits local cinemas today. We not only have a full review for you to read, but also a completely free contest to win some merch. A link to the contest, as well as all other stories mentioned in the africast, can be found below.

Next up is local edtech platform FoondaMate which has received a huge investment. As the platform is so young this investment is encouraging for continuing the educational tech sector in the country and beyond.

Lastly for news there’s Starlink which is now offering a worse service for more money with a package focused on RV fans in America. Will this take off? Initial reactions to it seem positive, but we can’t help but feel that is just Elon Musk fanboyism in action.

And on to the main topic this week we look forward a few months to some great content on the books both at home and in theatres. With South Africa getting access to just about everything, now including Disney+, there’s more to watch and play than ever before.

For those wondering about the header image above it’s a cropped version of a new poster for The Umbrella Academy season three, which is one of our talking points this week.

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