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After years of waiting Disney+ has finally launched in South Africa, but, as we will discuss in the latest africast episode, it has not been without problems.

Before that let’s tackle some shorter stories starting with ICASA announcing ambitious plans for 5G rollout over the two and a half years. We have our doubts that this huge overhaul will happen at the intended scale, but we’d like to be proven wrong.

Then there’s ASUS with some new gaming notebooks that have a lot of performance to offer in exchange for a lot of money. Hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on them to report if the exchange is worth it.

Lastly we have something from Hypertext itself as we have spent the last few months learning new LEGO-based software to bring you a tiny version of the Batman Tumbler complete with instructions, and you can make it using the smallest and cheapest set from the latest movie.

On to the big topic and Disney+ is firmly here, but South Africans have discovered that features like console apps and aspect ratio changes are not here, on top of a login system that relies on one time pin SMSes. Several smaller issues have plagued the series so far and it’s not been a very magical experience for the country from the house of mouse.

It’s still very early days, but considering that Disney has had years overseas to perfect the service we were expecting more from its launch here.

Lastly it’s worth mentioning the header image above. It’s from a video celebrating the launch of Disney+ in South Africa where, through CGI and bright blue light, we visit several South African landmarks with Soccer City (AKA the FNB Stadium) in Joburg featured above.

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