htxt.africast – All the great content arriving in August

As we pass into the second half of 2022 we have another africast episode available as we look forward to August and all the new releases it has for us.

Starting with some news, however, and we’re looking even further into October as South Africa is set to get its fifth LEGO store in Mall of Africa. We also discuss what makes this store different from a regular toy store and why you should visit.

Next up is a report which looks at the safety of the cheapest cars available for sale in South Africa. Unfortunately the cars aren’t nearly as safe or as cheap as you’d expect, but the investigation is still invaluable for buyers.

Lastly for news it’s Facebook parent company Meta in the headlines again as its revenue falls ever so slightly.

As for our main topic this week and August is proving to be absolutely packed with both new releases, as well as re-releases and content moving from the cinema to home streaming.

As usual we have links below to everything we discussed this week. It’s an extra long list this time around as we’ve covered most of the games, movies and shows coming out in August, so click around to see more.

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