htxt.africast – The world of tech at the start of 2021

It is finally 2021, but even though 2020 is behind us, the same old problems seem to persist. In this first africast of the year let’s look at the world of tech at the start of the year.

In the news this week we have our first look at the brand new range of Galaxy flagship phones from Samsung, which announced them rather early this year. Next up is Lucasfilm Games which has been brought back from the dead to use in Star Wars gaming titles new and old, as well as a surprise Indiana Jones title. Finally there’s CES 2021 which has seen a lot of new announcements in the world of notebook processing.

On to our main topic this week and it’s big tech, its control over our lives and its involvement in politics, especially in the US. We’ve recently seen Donald Trump booted off of most major platforms, but is this too little too late? Whatsapp has also come under fire for its policy changes, but as we discuss, this is just about a nonissue, especially if you’re using Facebook, Instagram and others.

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